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Shoot Boxing Announces Names for April 13th Event Featured

SouwerIf you don't love Shoot Boxing, odds are you haven't seen enough of it. The hybrid between Kickboxing and Judo, involving standing submissions has been one of the most unique and entertaining kick-sports since its inception, with the S-Cup and Girl's S-Cup being highlights of their given years. They recently announced their Road to S-Cup vol. 2 preliminary line-up and there are some heavy hitters involved. You can't go wrong with Andy Souwer and RENA, can you?

"Now it’s very clear that Andy Souwer will join ‘SHOOT BOXING2011~Road to S-cup~act.2’ at Korakuen hall on April 13th. Andy said “ I don’t know who’s going to be my opponent yet but this is my first match in Japan this year, so I’m pretty excited. I’m ready to win all matches toward S-cup”. He offered to donate his fight-purse to Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support.

Great news are still coming up! The World champion of Girl’s S-cup 2010, RENA who beat Erika Kamimura last year is also returning in triumph to the Korakuen hall, plus other SB Champions like SB Japan Super Welterweight Champion and the winner of the game against Bovy, Satoru Suzuki, SB Japan Featherweight Champion, Nagulanchun Martha M16 who’s won six successive victories so far, and Hiroaki Suzuki, SB Japan lightweight Champion are showing up for the big match as well. ‘SHOOT BOXING2011~Road to S-cup~act.2’ will absolutely be the one you can’t miss!!"

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Dave Walsh

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