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How to order the S-cup 2014 on NicoNico step by step

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Okay, so the S-cup is on this weekend, it starts on Sunday at 13:00 in Japan which is Saturday at 23:00 EST or 20:00 PST. Finally it's at a decent hour for us to watch, except to order it we have to decode NicoNico tv and most of us here in North America cannot read Japanese. The difference this time is that Kevin Ross in taking part who is American which will make more of us want to watch.

The easiest way to do this is use Google chrome and use the translate button (right beside the favourties star) to just translate the site one page at a time, But we have also decided to to a step by step for people that need a little help.

 - Step 1 - go to this link and click the yellow "new account registration button"

- Step 2 - it will take you to a page where u have to type in your email, once you do that check your email account and click the confirmation link.

- Step 3 - Fill out this form 

- Step 4 - Once the form is filled out and u have clicked proceed go back to this link and click the big pink/red button

- Step 5 - A box will come up that says you dont have enough points once again click the red/pink button and it will take you to a terms and conditions page, Scroll down and click the Yellow Button at the bottom and you will be at this page.

This page is asking how many points you want to buy, the shootboxing event is either 1300 or 1500 so u will need to click on 2000, which costs 2000 Yen, which is 16.99 USD.

-  Step 5 - once you have clicked the 2000 you will be at this page where it asks to click all sorts of payment methods that we don't know, just scroll down to the Visa one

- Step 6 - Fill in your credit card info here is a translated picture then click the yellow button.

One more screen will pop up confirming the 2000 points for 2000 Yen, just click the yellow button and transaction is complete. Now you have the points on your account u can go back to the first Link and click red button to buy the ticket and it should go through nicely. If the you preorder the fights it costs 1300 Yen, if u wait its 1500 Yen.






Youness El Mhassani: He'll Fight Artem Levin or Giorgio Petrosyan, Just Stop Ducking Him @younessmatrix

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The magic of the internet and Twitter has made us pretty well acquainted with Mousid fighter Youness el Mhassani, who if you follow Dutch Kickboxing and It's Showtime you should know very well. Youness is probably one of the best -77kg fighters out there but has been criticized for his style in the past, which has led to fighters actively not looking to take fights with him. Just earlier this year there was a bout between Youness and Artem Levin set up for It's Showtime, only for the fight to fall apart. Youness is one of those guys who is without really a weight class, as he'll fight at 72.5 all the way up to 77kg and not only fight there, but impress. We got a few words with him and what he has upcoming. Also stay tuned as we talk to Mousid Akhamrane as well.

LiverKick: Go ahead and introduce yourself to those not familiar with you or your fights.

Youness: I am Youness El Mhassani and i am a professional fighter (around -76kg) from Mousid Gym. When i was 15 years old Mousid started to teach kickboxing in my neighborhood in Amsterdam East, i went to watch a training and immediately fall in love with the sport, the next training i was there again and i directly participated in the class and get hooked. In those days i missed a lot of school to learn from Mousid. I set myself the goal to become the best of the world.

LiverKick: Tell us what you remember about your first fight.

Youness: To be honest almost nothing, i know that i had to train for about 6 months from Mousid before i got my first fight. At those days i was 16 years old and i won this fight and from this moment everything went very fast. At the age of 18 years old i was already a A-class fighter and won all my fights so far.

LiverKick: You've never trained anywhere else besides Mousid's Gym?

Youness: No, i have already trained more than 10 years at Mousid Gym and for me it's the same like Mosab. I fought my first fight with Mousid in my corner and it will be the same with my last fight. I cannot image me fighting a fight without Mousid in the corner. Mousid knows me, can take the best out of me. In those 10 years i have trained with so many top fighters for example: Nordin El Otmani, Fikri Tijarti, Hoessein Abdelhadi, Mosab Amrani, Badr Hari and many more. Why i should go to another gym? i feel very good at this gym, it is like my home.

LiverKick: Fair enough, so what is the secret to the gym that makes it a good home for fighters like yourself?

Youness: I think there is no secret, i think Mousid is such a good trainer because of the fact that he have been there by himself. He is a former world champion, fought with the best and travel the hole world during his career. For this reason Mousid knows what he is talking about and besides that he can explain/teach the techniques very well. He is capable to make a champion out of nothing, he did this in the past and he will do this in the future. His lessons are very technical, but he also plays a lot of attention about discipline and respect. For this reasons i see many "foreign" fighters come over here to improve their stand up skills, and this only happens if you deliver quality.

LiverKick: Youness you've had what feels like a hundred fights and finding a complete record for you is, well, tough, do you know your record?

Youness: Sorry i don't know my record! i had so many fights for example i fought with Diender, Pique, Gunyar, Zak, Kamponglek and all defeat them, and than there were the fights with Pajonsuk. I fight him 2 times and i won both of the fights, in those days everybody says that no one can stop Pajonsuk but they forgot Youness. I also fought Spong twice and i had a victory and the last time i lost. I had about 62 fight and if i look back i can be proud, the only problem is that all those victories are from some time ago. I don't want to look back anymore, i want to prove myself again and fight with the best fighters from this moment.

LiverKick: What have you been doing lately?

Youness: I give lessons myself, i train the youngsters and newbie's and i try to create new world champions. It's very nice to see those kids grow up, improve their fighting skills, but more important to see them grow up as a human being. For example Reda, i work already a long time with him and he made huge progress, if Reda goes on like this, he will be the next big thing from Mousid-Gym. Besides that i train with the group of professional fighters to help them with their preparation, in this way i stay sharp myself as well. Since a week i trained with some Spanish fighters, one of them will fight against Giorgio Petrosyan in Spain and to be honest i teach him al lesson but that doesn't say anything for Giorgio Petrosyan because i will teach him a lesson also.

Liverkick: So the real question here is when will we see you fighting again? It has been a while and a few fights that were announced just sort of disappeared.

Youness: At the moment there are no fights fixed, i train hard and i am getting in shape.

You know what the thing is? In this days i train a lot alongside Mosab and then it starts to itch for me automatically, when i see Mosab is getting in shape, see him working. This gives me the right spirit, the boost to train my ass off. There are so many great shows like the Thai Fight Extreme, Oktagon, Fight Code, Taftnet Cup, the Muay thai Premier League or It's Showtime, when i see all those fightcards i see good fighters but the best is missing and that is me. For example i would like to fight with Artem Levin for his It's Showtime worldtitle, because i'am sure i can beat Artem. But i would fight him on any rules he wants: It's Showtime or Muay Thai rules, i don't mind.

Liverkick: I can only speak for myself, but a fight with Artem would be awesome. Anything else on your mind?

Youness: I would love to get the change to show the world my skills inside the ring, i bring spectacular fights. I will travel all the world i'am ready for everybody around -76kg no mather if it is Holzken, Yodsanklai or Levin.

Or what do you think about Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Youness El Mhassani and the winner takes it all, i am so confident that i would take the risk to end up with nothing. I am wondering if Giorgio will accept this offer and give me the change to fight with him on 72.5 kg. The winner takes it all, so it will be an interesting match for the promotors also. I have seen on the internet that they are searching somebody who wants to fight against Giorgio in Milan, well they can stop searching and contact Mousid Akhamrane to arrange the fight.

As i told you before i am still alive and i am ready for everybody, if you want to know more about me, follow me on twitter: @younessmatrix.

Thank you very much for this interview see you at mousidgym, ush!


S-cup 2014 Results

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There is still time to order the S-cup if you havn't already, the step by step instructions here will help you out. Otherwise we will post Results for you here as soon as they happen.


65 kgs Tournament

Final - Hiroaki Suzuki vs Zakaria Zouggari  - Hiroaki Suzuki Wins by TKO 2nd EXT Rd (Zakaria had this fight won at 3 rounds, this was bad.. AGAIN)

Semi Final 2 - Houcine Bennoui vs  Zakaria Zouggari - Zakaria Zouggari Wins by KO Rd 2 (Right hand)

Semi Final 1 - Hiroaki Suzuki vs Mosab Amrani - Hiroaki Suzuki Wins by Decision (Mosab should have won this fight clearly)

Hiroki Shishido vs Houcine Bennoui - Houcine Bennoui Wins by Decision 

Michihiro Omigawa vs Kevin Ross - Kevin Ross Wins by TKO Rd 2 (cut stoppage due to clash of heads) (later ruled a no contest reserve winner advanced instead)

Mosab Amrani vs Nishiura Wicky Satoshi-sei - Mosab Amrani Wins by Decision

Hiroaki Suzuki vs Pornsanae Sitmonchai - Hiroaki Suzuki Wins by KO Rd 3 (right hook)


Andy Souwer vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka - Andy Souwer Wins by TKO Rd 3 (corner threw in the towel)

RENA vs Isis Babikku - RENA Wins by Decision

Fushimi Kazuyuki vs Naito Taiki - Naito Taiki Wins by KO (flying knee to the chin)

Sakamoto Yuki vs Uchimura Yojiro - Sakamoto Yuki Wins by Decision

Kaito vs Ishihara Yasha Bow - Kaito Wins Decision Ext Rd

Tournament Reserve - Bovy Sor Udomson vs Zakaria Zouggari - Zakaria Zouggari Wins by TKO Rd 2 (cut stoppage)





Qabala Fight Series #1 Results

  • Published in Europe

Qabala fight series put on their first event on June 29th, 2014, it seemed like a great event overall except for Jamal Ben Saddik pulling a Badr Hari and kicking and punching Hesdy Gerges while he was down. 20 seconds into the fight Ben Saddik caught Gerges leg, plowed him to the ground then proceeded to soccer kick and then try to ground and pound him, absolute stupidity and bad for the sport to have fighters that cannot control their emotions.

Glory Ranked Superfights

Hesdy Gerges Defeats Jamal Ben Saddik (Disqualification)

Albert Kraus Defeats Erkhan Varol (Decision)

Perviz Abdullayev Defeats Jiao Fukai (KO)

Mosab Amrani Defeats Lim Chi-Bin (KO)

8-Man Lightweight Tournament 

FINAL - Juri Kehl Defeats Ramal Aslanov Wins 8 Man Tournament (Decision)

SEMI-FINAL #2 - Juri Kehl Defeats Teo Mikelic (Decision)

SEMI-FINAL #1 - Ramal Aslanov Defeats Roman Mailov (Decision)

Teo Mikelic Defeats Tadas Jonkus (Decision)

Juri Kehl Defeats Telman Suleymanov (TKO)

Ramal Aslanov Defeats Guo Xianfeng (KO)

Roman Mailov Defeats Mateusz Kopiec (Decision)




Mosab Amrani Possibly Out of Fight With Zeben Diaz on May 27th

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MosabWe are hearing reports about a late replacement for one of the K-1 Superfights coming up on May 27th. Sadly, it was one of the more competitive fights that we were all looking forward to in Mosab Amrani vs. Zeben Diaz. While we are waiting to hear back from representatives from Team Amrani or Mousid Gym, the reports come from those inside of the It's Showtime camp that Zeben Diaz will have a new opponent come May 27th in the way of Emad Kadyear. This means that Mosab Amrani is out of the Superfight and off of the card.

Still no explanation as of right now as to why he pulled out, as there is speculation that he suffered an injury this week and that it all happened very, very quickly. Hopefully we have a better explanation for you shortly, but as of right now it looks like Mosab Amrani will not be fighting and no one is clear why.


It's Time for the Smaller Weight Classes to Shine

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Kickboxing has long been all about the heavyweight weight classes. If you were to ask anyone about K-1 the first thing that would come to mind would be the K-1 World Grand Prix. Of course, there is a good reason for that. When modern kickboxing in the form of K-1 began in Japan it was to appeal to the local audiences with a blend of Kyokushin, Karate and professional wrestling. The Japanese public was always attracted to the idea of the clash of titans (I mean, really, isn’t everybody?) so K-1 focused heavily on the Heavyweights. 

If you look at GLORY, SuperKombat and even promotions like Enfusion you’ll see that the focus is still largely on the heavier weight classes. No matter what Badr Hari is doing it is news, if Peter Aerts is in a pro wrestling match in Japan everyone cares and people still ask if Sem Schilt will ever return to the ring. Speculation over Alistair Overeem leaving the UFC to return to kickboxing has been healthy for his entire UFC run. Needless to say, the big guys draw eyeballs.

The one real anomaly is the rise of K-1’s MAX division in the 2000’s. It was an idea created to promote the handsome and talented MASATO originally, but the reality was that it created a good number of stars and helped to make something outside of Heavyweight sustainable. We’ve seen the rise of a few stars like Giorgio Petrosyan, Buakaw Banchamek, Andy Ristie, Robin van Roosmalen and many more. It’s Showtime helped to push forward with expanded weight classes and GLORY is continuing along the path with the Light Heavyweight and Middleweight classes a big focus over the last year.

If we look at other sports the focus isn’t always just on huge, lumbering titans, though. While American Football might have a few such characters, a lot of the time the smaller, more agile players end up a focal point. The home run sluggers in baseball might draw eyeballs, but not all baseball players are Mark Mcguire. In football (you know, soccer) it is even more clear that you don’t (and shouldn’t) be a giant to be successful. Look no further than some of the lines at betting at William Hill to see how diverse the playing field can be. 

At GLORY 20 Gabriel Varga and Mosab Amrani will compete for the GLORY Featherweight Championship. It’s a solid first step, although there is confusion as to if this will air on the SuperFight Series or on Spike TV. Last that I’ve heard it was the SuperFight Series. Even so, it will be the headliner for that show that will air on CBS Sports Network and across the globe as its own show. 

Then, of course, is K-1’s 55kg World Grand Prix going down in Japan on April 19th. K-1 Japan has been putting out a steady stream of events featuring smaller weight classes and has been wildly entertaining. As long as the big players in kickboxing keep focusing on smaller weight classes there is still hope that the lighter, more technical and quick weight classes can shine in the near future. 


Qabala Fight Series June 29th in Azerbaijan

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On June 29th in Azerbaijan there will be a card chock-full of top talent presented to fans, called Qabala Fight Series Azerbaijan. There is no card just yet, but we do know that the card will feature Albert Kraus, Hesdy Gerges, Mosab Amrani, Jamal Ben Saddik and Azerbaijan's Middleweight star Perviz Abdullayev.

The event will feature a one-night 8-man Middleweight tournament, but it's unclear who will be participating in the tournament just yet, outside of an assumption that Abdullayev will be featured in it. The event will be broadcast on EuroSport in Europe.


Fight Video: Chi Bin Lim vs Mosab Amrani from It's Showtime Japan

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After a fairly even first round with the only thing defining it being a knockdown from Amrani, Chi Bin Lim won rounds 2 and 3 quite easily against the seemingly tired Amrani, outworking and outlanding the Dutch-Moroccan to earn a draw after 3 rounds. In the extension round, Amrani came on strong in the first minute, but wore down towards the latter half of the round, a fitting microcosm of the entire fight itself. With the win, Lim moves on to fight It's Showtime 65MAX Champion Orono Wor. Petchpun in a title fight at an event to be determined. What's next for Amrani is unknown, but expect the exciting, talented up and comer to be back fighting for It's Showtime soon.
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Qabala Fight Series #1 Videos

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Here are a few of the fight videos from Qabala Fight Series #1 on June 29th, 2014. Starting with Albert "The Hurricane" Kraus getting back to his winning ways by putting massive amounts of pressure, moving forwards and throwing fast, powerful hand combinations. Erkhan Varol is an explosive, tricky fighter but very short for the weight class so Kraus was able to use his size wisely to take the decision. Not taking anything away from Varol, he put up a great fight against a dutch kickboxing legend.

Next we have Mosab Amrani making short work of Lim Chi-Bin. The actual fight starts at 4:50 of the video after what seems like the longest intro ever. About 50 seconds into the first round Amrani lands a perfect switch left knee to the liver of Chi-Bin, once he gets up its just a matter of time before its going to get hit again and it comes by way of left body kick 20 seconds later.

Last of all Hesdy Gerges against Jamal Ben-Saddik just so everyone can watch how ridiculous this was. We can all wonder what could have possibly been going through Saddik's mind during this absolutely uncalled for insane behavior, and poor Hesdy hes been assaulted like this twice in the ring, first time was by Badr Hari back in 2010 on It's Showtime. Saddik's was worse though not only did he throw a kick while he was down, but he paused then proceeded to try and ground and pound Gerges, not to mention this was barely even 20 seconds into the fight. 




Pat Barry Out of GLORY 20 -- Featherweight Title Fight Moves to Main Card

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For kickboxing fans there is some good news and some bad news regarding GLORY 20. The bad news is that Pat Barry vs. Mourad Bouzidi is officially off after Pat Barry suffered a hand injury while training for the upcoming fight. Bouzidi will still be on the GLORY 20 card but for now it looks like he'll be moved to the SuperFight Series undercard with a replacement opponent.

The good news is that the Featherweight Championship bout between Mosab Amrani and Gabriel Varga will no longer headline the SuperFight Series card and will instead be featured on the main card. That means that an astonishing two GLORY championships will be on the line for GLORY 20. The event, set to go down on April 3rd in Dubai, will air via tape delay on Spike TV that same evening.

GLORY has promised that Pat Barry will be booked on an upcoming card when he is healthy.

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