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...And the Winner of's It's Showtime Contest Is..

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Somebody is taking this homeBefore I go on the record and announce the winners in's It's Showtime contest, I just want to say that I really, honestly and sincerely, from the bottom of my blackened heart thank each and every one of you for your support over the years. Fraser and myself began the concept for this site almost two years ago and since then we've made it our mission to bring the best English language kickboxing and muay thai coverage that we possibly could. Our mission statement has always been to help raise awareness of kickboxing as a true sport of kings, and to sell it to MMA fans. We truly do feel like in the United States there is an installed fanbase already, they just haven't been woken up yet, so until then we keep trying to pry open your third eye.

We are extremely pleased with all of your entries into this contest, and I spent a lot of time reading, re-reading and choosing the winners. The amount of time I spent was borderline ridiculous, but that is just because of how much I truly appreciate each of our longtime readers, supporters and anyone who supports the kickboxing scene in their country. You all make me smile to know that I'm not alone trying to work my ass off to get the word out there that if you like Anderson Silva, there is a world of fighters out there that do what he does, and maybe even better.

That's why it was important for us to work with It's Showtime, because while K-1 has been having ups and downs since 2003, It's Showtime has been growing and has proven to be good to their fighters and to the sport. Much like we could have gone with the UFC-centric format and gotten a lot more hits and made a lot more money, instead we opted to promote the sport we love and cover it unlike we've seen anyone else even attempt in the United States recently, we see It's Showtime as a kindred spirit.

So realize that every entry made and It's Showtime incredibly happy, and choosing a winner was incredibly difficult for us. If for some reason you did not win, but still want some of the awesome It's Showtime gear, support the best kickboxing promotion around and head to and buy direct from It's Showtime. If you live in the US, expect about two weeks for the arrival of your stuff (customs slows everything down), but realize that it is absolutely worth every penny to support It's Showtime. Also remember to watch every It's Showtime event live at for what amounts to about ten bucks for the best action around.

So, the winners.


Grand Prize: StillWill. You guys all made this a tough contest, but StillWill made it even tougher. StillWill had made hype videos for Badr Hari and Melvin Manhoef that they've personally given the seal approval to. Hell, Melvin Manhoef asked StillWill to make a video for him, that is how good he is. To top it off, he has made t-shirt designs that AFAV plan on producing. The only man who could give him a run for his money is probably Bloodstain Lane, who graciously conceded to StillWill in this competition, which is a truly noble act.

Second Prize: Jyoseph. There is something to be said for buttering up the judges, and making a promise to wear the gear, take pictures of it and plaster it all over the internet is the pinnacle of sucking up. He also let out his latent homosexual desires by admitting, in public, that he has a man-crush on Badr Hari. Something about that is oddly manly and makes me respect him and want to give him free things, go figure.

Third Prize: blackboy. He Weird Al'd the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme. Think about how awesome that is for a second, and re-read it. Maybe I feel gravitated towards that because I do that with songs all the time, also because I grew up watching Fresh Prince ad nauseum.

Fourth Prize: Bloodstain Lane. Love him or hate him, you know who he is and you know that there are very few public figures outside of the crew who talk about Dutch kickboxing to the world as much as BSL. His videos get posted all over the internet and very rarely does he not mention Badr Hari, K-1, It's Showtime or any of the finer things in the world of fighting.

Thanks to everyone for entering, winners can expect an email shortly with information on how to claim their prizes, and don't be dejected if you didn't win! We'll have more contests at where we give away some awesome stuff, so keep the clicks coming.

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