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Degree Men Wants to Inspire You to Climb Mountains

  • Written by Degree Men

If you have been watching television lately, you've probably seen some of Degree Men's recent ads including television personality and survivalist Bear Grylls. Well, they are back with yet another ad highlighting some of the extreme things that men using Degree Men can do in comfort, including Bear Grylls again. Degree Men has chosen the MiddleEasy Network, including LiverKick, as a launching point for this new ad, which is not only an honor for us, but should be an honor for you, the loyal reader who has helped LiverKick grow over the past year and a half into an international powerhouse in the Kickboxing world.

So go ahead and take a minute out of your day to enjoy this ad by Degree Men and let it help inspire you to do more in your life without worrying about smelling awful or having sweaty armpits. Clearly, you don't need to have sweaty pits or smell like B.O. and go about your normal day if these guys can be base jumping off of cliffs and snowboard in places where I'd be concerned with going full Sonny Bono, you'll be fine in front of a computer screen or walking from your car to the office.

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