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The Ratings are In: How Did GLORY 11 Do?

  • Written by Dave Walsh


So we've been doing some serious waiting on GLORY 11's ratings and they are finally in. What the numbers are telling us is that Kickboxing still has to develop an audience here in America, but there was a really solid start to this over the weekend at GLORY 11. In a few places I've gone on record saying that I felt that 200,000 - 400,000 were my expectations and that 500,000 would be a huge win for GLORY. Not everyone agreed with that, but the final numbers are in and they look to be exactly where they should be.

The average rating for GLORY 11 was 381,000 viewers, with the peak being 781,000 viewers. It should be noted that the peak came within the first quarter, which was most likely due to the lead-in from Spike's previous programming, which is Cops. Cops, somehow, draws over 1.5 million viewers in 2013 and it is safe to say that not all of these Cops viewers were Rico Verhoeven fans. Considering that this was GLORY's largest platform within the US to date and the first time that Kickboxing has seen a major audience in this long, consider this a solid first step.

The card featured primarily European fighters (with an Australian) whose prior exposure in the United States was only to the most hardcore of hardcore fans. It is actually admirable that they were able to pull in these kind or ratings with their core product and not by bringing in former UFC fighters to compete.

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