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Tyrone Spong Confident in His Chances at GLORY 9 NYC

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Glory 9

When most of us look at GLORY 9 NYC the big name that stands out in the Light Heavyweight tournament is easily Tyrone Spong. It isn't just because most American MMA fans only know him and a few other Kickboxers names off of the top of their heads, but because Tyrone Spong is the real deal when it comes to Kickboxers. There is a lot of talent on display in the upcoming GLORY 9 NYC Light Heavyweight tournament, but Spong is definitely the favorite going into it.

BloodyElbow interviewed Spong in a rather MMA-centric affair, but there was one section about his upcoming tournament run, where he talks about the opener against Michael Duut and his chances in the whole tournament.

"How do you feel about competing in GLORY's one-night tournament? The rumor is you're slated to face Michael Duut in the opening round of the tourney.

I think I've got a great chance to win this tournament but anything can happen. I heard the same rumor but I don't really know. I just heard the same thing. He's a young, hungry kid who is pretty aggressive. I know he's looking to bring the upset. I'm not overconfident, but it should be a great fight."

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