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Enfusion Live Slovenia Tomorrow: Fight Card

  • Written by Rian Scalia

Enfusion Live is back tomorrow from Novo Mesto, Slovenia with their fourth event of the year. 

Top 85kg fighter Franci Grajs was originally scheduled to fight Jaroslaw Zawodni but was injured. Tadej Toplak, who fought on Enfusion in Barcelona last month, took his place. A number of other Enfusion veterans are also on the card, such as Ilona Wijmans, Jasmin Becirovic and Mirko Vorkapic. K-1 veterans on the card include Longern Super Pro Samui and Samo Petje.

75kg: Ales Zavec vs. Stevan Zivkovic

67kg: Samo Petje vs. Rungsiam Super Pro Samui

85kg: Tadej Toplak vs. Jaroslaw Zawodni

57kg: Ilona Wijmans vs. Nevenka Mikulic

95kg: Jasmin Becirovic vs. Maxim Osiptsov

70kg: Mirko Vorkapic vs. Longern Super Pro Samui

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