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Krush Now Has A Youtube Channel

  • Written by Rian Scalia

Krush has been consistently putting on great events with great fighters for the past few years. They have a focus on the lower weight classes, with 70kg being their highest and 55kg being the lowest. Some of the best fighters at these weights fight in Krush, like Yuta Kubo, Masaaki Noiri, Hirotaka Urabe and many more Japanese standouts. Recently Krush has also been bringing in foreign opposition to test their Japanese fighters, and every fight has been great.

For a long time we had to wait at least a few weeks to see the fights from Krush cards but now Krush has started its own Youtube channel. To get it kicked off, they've uploaded two fights from their last event on September 9 and will be uploading all the fights from the event. Check out their Youtube channel, and also this fight between Koya Urabe and Kengo Sonoda at Krush's last event.


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