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It's Showtime Champ Chris Ngimbi Loses In France

  • Written by Rian Scalia

You might've not known, but on Saturday, Chris Ngimbi returned to the ring after losing to Harut Grigorian at It's Showtime in January. Ngimbi was coming off two losses in a row so he definitely wanted to rebound with a win. His opponent was Gregory Choplin, the Frenchman who had also competed in It's Showtime in the past.

On paper it seemed like a winnable fight for Ngimbi. In the end, he lost a decision to Choplin but it wasn't without some controversy. The fight was under K-1 rules but according to Ngimbi, Choplin was constantly clinching and holding which isn't permitted when excessive under K-1 rules. The It's Showtime 70kg champ has this to say about the fight:

"Yesterday the French juries chose to let me lose by point. It's a disgrace since we agreed on fighting on K1 rules and my opponent only clinched during the whole fight. I was extremelly motivated and It's should have been a better fight if he also wanted to fight instead of only hanging on me. But up to the next fight .....thanks all for your support!!!"

Ngimbi even posted a picture of Choplin holding on to him, which can be seen below. Choplin has been known to do this in the past. I can remember he would do this a lot in his It's Showtime fights. He's just more of a Muay Thai fighter than a K-1 rules fighter.

It's Showtime fighter Yavuz Kayabasi also picked up a win on the card with a stoppage over Samir Djabba. Djabba will be fighting Andy Ristie on It's Showtime's June 30 card. 


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