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It's Showtime Fast & Furious 70MAX Preview: Super Fights

  • Written by Rian Scalia

It's been the standard in kickboxing for a while now to call fights on a card that don't have anything to do with a tournament "super fights." Whether you agree that they're super is another story. On tomorrow's card there are two super fights on the main card, featuring two fighters based out of Belgium, who It's Showtime would like to set up for wins in front of the home crowd. Let's get to the breakdowns.



Marat Grigorian is the Belgian fighter here, who It's Showtime has showcased in Belgium before. Grigorian is coming off a loss in a tough fight to Yohan Lidon for the It's Showtime 73MAX World Title back in May. Since then, Grigorian hasn't seen any action and must be itching to get back in the ring. He'll take on Yassin Baitar, who has some experience fighting tough competition in Robin van Roosmalen and Karim Ghajji. Baitar lost both fights but stuck around in the fights, despite not being on the same level.

As for how Baitar will fare against Grigorian? Baitar lets his opponents impose their games on him way too easily, and this is how he loses most of his fights. This is something that must be avoided at all costs when fighting Marat Grigorian. Grigorian will just hunt guys down, bringing relentless pressure, with his main weapons being hooks, uppercuts and knees. He'll punish both the head and the body until the opponent can't go on anymore. I wouldn't say he's a big time puncher, as most of his stoppages come from just overwhelming opponents.

With the way Baitar lets fighters back him up, I'd say this match-up is tailor made for Grigorian. Add to the fact that Baitar took this on short notice, I definitely favor Grigorian. This is somewhat just It's Showtime keeping Grigorian busy and throwing him a bone. He's capable of competing with much higher level opponents and should take this without much trouble I'll take Marat Grigorian by TKO in the third round.



This is another case of It's Showtime giving a stay busy fight to a local fighter. Kreshnik has been a regular on It's Showtime cards but this year hasn't fought at all. His last fight was in December where he was outclassed by Nenad Pagonis in Greece. Prior to that, he was dismantled by Hesdy Gerges. It's Showtime has brought in an easier opponent for him this time in Moises Baute of Spain. Baute is pretty sloppy and it's clear here he's being brought in to lose.

Then again, Kreshnik isn't exactly the most technical fighter either, but has much more experience fighting a higher level of competition. Baute has mostly fought around Spain, where there aren't many good fighters north of 95kg. Kreshnik has atleast been in the ring with and defeated some decent guys like Rico Verhoeven and Tomas Hron. Take a look at Baute's resume (if you can even find it) and there's not much there.

The edge undoubtedly goes to Rustemi Kreshnik here, that is if he's been training since his last fight, not sitting on the couch. I wouldn't expect this to be a very good fight to be honest, with potential to be a long, drawn out slopfest. Hopefully I'm wrong in this aspect. Rustemi Kreshnik by decision.

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