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Rico Verhoeven and GLORY Ink Longterm, Exclusive Deal

With there always being ominous talk of storm clouds on the horizon and famous kickboxers looking for greener pastures in MMA, Rico Verhoeven is looking to instead solidify his place as the "King of Kickboxing" and the face of GLORY kickboxing by signing a longterm, exclusive deal with the promotion, GLORY announced on Monday. 

After last year's free agency scare where there was possible talk of Verhoeven in the UFC, which led to Rico testing out the MMA waters, he came to a short-term agreement with GLORY that include a fight with Badr Hari and a bit more wiggle room in his contract. Now it appears that the two sides have fused together for the foreseeable future. The press release, which quotes promotion co-founder and vice chair Scott Ruddman implies that Rico is one of the top earners in combat sports right now and Verhoeven himself seems happy with the decision.

“I’m delighted with this renewed GLORY contract,” said Verhoeven. “Not only because it’s the biggest in kickboxing history, but especially because I can add value to the GLORY brand in territories such as Asia and the USA.
“One of my goals is to attract a new audience to view and attend the GLORY events. Can’t wait to start working on the plans we’ve been developing together with GLORY for the past couple of weeks."

Regardless, for those of us wondering when we'd get Rico title defenses again, I think it's safe to say that the signing of this contract and the stability that it brings will lead to that.


Cor Hemmers Implies Saki is Leaving Kickboxing for MMA

When it comes to fighters who were active in K-1, most of them have either retired from fighting or moved on to different sports, making those fighters that were competing in the K-1 glory days to be in an interesting position. Undoubtedly there is a new generation of fighters in kickboxing, with heavyweight Rico Verhoeven as the vanguard, yet there is still something missing. There was never quite a passing of the torch scenario for fighters at heavyweight and lightweight. This has left some fans feeling like the fighters of today couldn't hold a candle to the stars of the past. If they have a point or not is up for debate, but there was a shocking lack of overlap.

One such fighter that has been seemingly clawing at a big return is Gokhan Saki. Saki, who suffered a knee injury a few years back and had a financial dispute with GLORY, has been out of the spotlight for a while, but is clearly hungry to get back into the limelight. For most of this year he's taken to social media to call out GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven and that did not stop after Saki was critical of Verhoeven from GLORY 41. 

The word from Rico was that Saki challenged him, but wanted a warm-up fight first, which GLORY wasn't interested in. And now, thanks to our friend Anoop Hothi, his former trainer and head of talent relations for GLORY Cor Hemmers seems to think that Saki is done with kickboxing. 

While it's no secret that Saki has been training in MMA for years, the idea of him not returning after all of the talk and all of the hype would be a pretty big blow to the sport and to GLORY. 


LiverKick Podcast May 22 - GLORY 41 Results

We're trying something a bit different this time. Instead of a show where we run down an upcoming card, we [possibly intentionally] waited and instead, Jay and myself talk about the fights that went down at GLORY 41. There's a lot of talk about Rico Verhoeven, the heavyweight division, Ismael Lazaar, who fits where and why Rico hasn't been defending his title.

We also talk about our gripes with kickboxing remaining three-three-minute rounds, the clinch rules and how kickboxing needs to find their guy to grow.

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Glory 41 Live Results

Glory 41 is Live now on INPLAYER and ESPN 3. in 2 hours we will move on to UFC FIGHT PASS for the Superfight Series. We will have results here as they happen and follow along on twitter @JayJauncey and @Liverkickdotcom.

Glory 41 Superfight Series Results

Heavyweight Headline Bout:
Rico Verhoeven def. Ismael Lazaar by Unanimous Dec (Rd1 Rico landing nice jabs and low kicks while Lazaar looking a little slow but is able to land a few uppercuts and take what Rico is giving then land a hard right hand to knock Ricos mouth guard into the crowd in the last seconds, Rd2 Lazaar is finding some success now with the overhand right and some low kicks but Rico consistently landing low kicks to the inside of the front and back legs and they are taking their toll, Lazaar cant wait too long because the damage will add up. Rd3 Rico scoring points but nothing looks to have power while Lazaar isnt throwing enough and when he does its too slow Rico sees most of it, Lazaar always dangerous though. Rd4 Lazaar becoming a punching bag now and looks to be losing his power from all the damage hes taken especially to the legs and body, didn't really land anything all round and got pot shotted by Rico with all sorts of strikes and some very nice technical combinations. Rd5 Lazaar is too tired even when he gets inside he has no power to hurt Rico, he landed a good left hook and uppercut in this round but that is all the rest of the round was Rico hitting a living heavy bag.

Featherweight World Title Bout:
Robin van Roosmalen def. Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao by Majority Dec (Rd1 RvR walking forwards but Petch kneeing and kicking with the left leg and doing well to slip or tie up when Robin gets close and RvR doesnt land much apart from low kicks. Rd2 Even better round from Petch now landing his counter left hand as well as his knees and kicks to the arms again Robin unable to land much of note. Rd3 Ref takes a point from Petch for clinching.... undeserved imo but great round for Petch pushing RvR back with his front kicks and knees to the body. Rd4 just like the other rounds with nothing big landing but Robin getting closer and closer to landing a big shot. Rd5 Robins best round he was able to land some good shots this round and even though Petchpanomrung just smiled they were still hard, clean punches)

Welterweight Bout:
Murthel Groenhart Def. Alan Scheinson by Split Dec (Murthel had the more damaging strikes with his big punches and left high kicks but Scheinson threw much more and landed a lot of good low kicks, close fight)

Light Heavyweight Bout:
Mourad Bouzidi def. Michael Duut by DQ Rd 2 (Rd1 Both fighters landing some glancing blows but Bouzidis low kicks were landing well after his left hook, Duut got cut with a Bouzidi elbow and Duut had a point taken for headbutting on the break. Rd2 Dirty fight with both guys clinching but Bouzidi refusing to take a step back caused Duut to clinch one too many times and after taking another point Paul Nichols disqualifies Duut for excessive clinching, anticlimax.)

Lightweight Bout:
Tyjani Beztati def. Youssef Assouik by Unanimous Dec (Rd1 Assouik misses a high kick and spins with the back fist and drops Beztati, Assouik unable to finish the fight and then Beztati drops Assouik with 20 seconds left in the round with a hard left hook. Rd2 Beztati coming out hard with punches this round and landing a nice combo in the middle of the round to drop Assouik, Assouik got up and stayed southpaw using his left kick well to survive the round. Rd3 Both fighters a little slower this round but Assouik needs a KO to win, Assouik keeping up with his kicks and Beztati trying to land combinations but nothing too significant this round, Great fight though)

Featherweight Bout:
Zakaria Zouggary def. Yetkin Ozkul by Unanimous Dec (Rd1 no feeling out here Ozkul lands some big shots in the first 10 seconds, Zouggary smiles and swings back, both fighters throwing some nice spinning kicks great round. Rd2 Zouggary caught ozkul with a left hook and Ozkuls knee touched the canvas but ref missed it, Zakaria used a lot of energy trying to finish it there but great round for him. Rd3 Zouggary using his jab wonderfully landing triple and quadruple jabs while Ozkul just puts his hands out and calls Zouggary on but thats not winning Ozkul the fight, he landed some good punches throughout but Zouggary ran away with the fight this round)

Glory 41 Results 

Heavyweight Contender Final:
D'Angelo Marshall def. Anderson Silva by Unanimous Dec (Rd 1 Marshall swinging big punches and has Silva on the ropes most of the round, Silva taking most punches off the gloves. Rd 2 both men looking tired and slowing drastically, Silva has a better round staying off the ropes and landing a few shots but still very close round. Rd 3 Marshall landed some good shots this round and just had a higher output than the tiring Silva)
Heavyweight Bout:
Hesdy Gerges def. Tomas Hron by Unanimous Dec (Rd 1 Gerges drops Hron with twice with punches on Hrons guard, strange knockdowns but knockdowns nonetheless, Rd 2 Hesdy pushing forward and throwing low kicks in typical Hesdy fashion, Hron warned for clinching, Rd 3 pace has slowed but still Gerges pushing forward landing low kicks, Hron hits the ref on the break but not a super exciting round)

Featherweight Bout:
Chenglong Zhang def. Wilson Sanches Mendes by Unanimous Dec (Zhang drops Mendes in Rd 1 with a flying knee and shows great skills throughout the fight he then drops Mendes again in Rd 3 with a perfect head kick, Mendes is tough as nails and gets right back up but the final bell sounds)

Heavyweight Contender Tournament Semifinal Bout:
D'Angelo Marshall def. Mohamed Abdallah by KO Rd 1 (Marshall and Abdallah both come out swinging hard, Marshall is the faster of the 2 and lands all the better punches to end the fight with 2 knockdowns)

Heavyweight Contender Tournament Semifinal Bout:
Anderson Silva def. Giannis Stoforidis by KO Rd 2. (Stoforidis seemed like too much for Silva in round 1, dropping him twice but the ref only acknowledging one of them for count. Rd 2 started the exact opposite with Silva smashing Stoforidis then he eventually sat down and didn't get back up)



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