GLORY Teams with Fairtex For New Official Gloves


For a kickboxing promotion the gloves that they use can be incredibly important, with it having a direct impact on the fighters, how hard they hit, how comfortable they feel in a fight and more. Previously, GLORY used Hayabusa for their gloves, with a rather distinctive visual style, but the gloves were lighter, with less padding than traditional gloves. There were also two different sizes, with smaller weight classes using gloves with little-to-no padding and the higher weight classes using more traditionally-padded gloves. A fair number of the fighters at lighter weight classes had opinions on the smaller gloves, most of them were that getting hit with them hurt a lot more than with other kinds of gloves.

There were always complaints about the Hayabusa gloves, although it was personal preference. Now GLORY has announced that they’re partnering with Fairtex for their gloves, unveiling a new design that’ll be featured prominently in the GLORY ring and broadcasts. They’ve redesigned the gloves to have no visible stitching, to distribute padding evenly and to look sleek in the process.

It’ll be interesting to see how these gloves fare in the ring. If we’re seeing either massive increases or decreases in knockouts there’s a good chance it’ll have something to do with the gloves. Ultimately, a good glove shouldn’t get in the way of a good fight, which is what one will expect from a brand like Fairtex, that has a global reputation of excellence.