GLORY 52 and SuperFight Series Live Results

Tonight GLORY makes its return to sunny California with GLORY 52. GLORY 52 will see a unification bout for the GLORY Featherweight Championship between champion Robin van Roosmalen and interim champion Kevin VanNostrand. Simon Marcus takes on Zack Wells, Chris Camozzi faces his toughest challenge to date in Mike Lemaire, while Stoyan Koprivlenski will look to make a name for himself in the lightweight division against Josh Jauncey.

The SuperFight Series begins at 9pm eastern/6pm pacific on UFC Fight Pass, while GLORY 52 airs at 11pm eastern/8pm pacific on ESPN3.

GLORY 52 Los Angeles
Featherweight Unification Bout:
 Robin van Roosmalen (c) (R5 – Dec) Kevin VanNostrand (ic) — Weird opening round as VanNostrand did what he does best, which is sort of charge forward with an endless flurry of knees and push kicks. It sort of worked to keep Robin off-balance, but near the end of the round Robin recovered. The round also went VERY long, like 3:40. Weird. Second round saw VanNostrand start to lose steam. Third round saw Robin knock him down, but Big John didn’t call it, then Robin just laid a beating on him. Rounds four and five were just one-way traffic while VanNostrand took a beating. He stayed in the fight, but nothing he was doing was hurting Robin.
Middleweight Co-Headline Bout: Simon Marcus (R1 – TKO) Zack Wells — I mean, c’mon.
Middleweight Bout: Mike Lemaire (R3 – Dec) Chris Camozzi — Respect to Camozzi because Lemaire is a legitimate force in kickboxing, but this was way too steep of a step for him in a sport that he’s still relatively inexperienced in. He seemed sort of lost, confused and hapless at times.
Lightweight Bout: Josh Jauncey (R3 – Split Decision) Stoyan Koprivlenski — The first round of this was quite simply beautiful. It’s hard to know what to expect with Jauncey sometimes, but it seems like he fights to his opponent’s level. Luckily Koprivlenski is talented, so these guys were moving a lot, cutting angles, countering and this was very strategic. Sorry, I wanted to do a round-by-round here but this fight was just so much fun that it was hard to look away or to stop talking about it. Jauncey finally brought back his sneaky knee, coming in with combinations and breaking it with the knee strike. Then, each time Stoyan would throw a body or head kick he’d catch it and break with a strike. That’s the kind of stuff that wins fights.

GLORY 52 SuperFight Series
Light Heavyweight Headline Bout:
 Pavel Zhuravlev (R3 – Dec) Myron Dennis — Zhuravlev sorta coasted a bit early on, which led to Myron Dennis really turning up the pressure and showing that he belonged in the ring with Pavel. The third round sealed with for Zhuravlev who was still completely fresh and was teeing off on Dennis.
Catchweight (53 kg) Bout: Anissa Meksen (R3 – Dec) Ashley Nichols — No surprise in the winner, but Nichols put up a good fight, used a lot of pressure but was simply out-classed.
Middleweight Bout: Troy Jones (R3 – Dec) Paul Banasiak — Both guys stayed pretty active and it was a competitive fight, but Jones was piecing together the better combinations and seemed like a more complete fighter, at least at kickboxing.
Featherweight Bout: Zakaria Zouggary (R3 – Dec) Bailey Sugden — The first round was all action, with Bailey landing a flush spinning backfist, which forced Zouggary to adjust and start throwing more body kicks before starting to do some spinning back fists and spinning back kicks in retaliation. The second round saw Zouggary continue to work the kicks until about midway through where Bailey started to catch, check and counter them. Really close fight. The third round saw more action and a questionable knockdown called on a slip against Bailey. That could’ve decided the fight. The last ten seconds saw both guys just exchanging and it was pretty nuts. Great fight.
Welterweight Bout: Charles Rodriguez (r3 – Dec) Brian Bruns — Not much to say here. This was a fight and it happened. Bruns is 6’4″ and really wasn’t able to use his reach advantage against the aggressiveness of Rodriguez.